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Meet Your Coach: Max Aita

Weightlifting Master

As an athlete, Max learned from the greatest strength coaches on Earth. Training under Steve Gough, Ivan Abadjiev, and Boris Sheiko, Max soon became an expert himself in the American, Russian and Bulgarian systems.  

20 Years Experience

Max's commitment to strength has made him famous the world over as the leading authority on Weightlifting training and programming. Armed with scientifically-proven techniques, Max's coaching eliminates guesswork and makes success a guarantee, not just a mere possibility.

The Only Coach to Produce 5 Separate All-Time World Record Holders

Not only does Max dedicate himself to bringing newcomers into the sport, but he's also the only coach to produce five separate Senior American record holders.

Online Coaching Includes:

Custom Programming

Written specifically for you according to your strengths, weaknesses, constraints, and concerns.

Consistent, Detailed Feedback

Send in your videos and get back detailed, in-depth voiceover feedback on your technique.

Consistent Check-ins and Phone Calls

Get the advice you need, when you need it. Max is here to help with everything from training and recovery to nutrition and beyond.

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