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Are you stuck in your lifting and not sure what is the right way to move forward?

Training and programming is complex and even when you think everything is going well it can all turn around quickly.
Failing lifts and not making the kind of progress you want can be frustrating...
It's hard to know wheather it's because of your technique, programming, lifestyle factors of a little bit of everything.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone with your best interest at heart always in your corner?

Someone who can tell you when to push and when to back off...
Someone who can navigate you through a competition prep and make sure you are in your best shape on the day that matters most...
Someone who's done it so many times they can see all the pitfalls coming before they even become a problem...
Someone who can save you from the mistakes and struggles so you don't have to learn everything the hard way?

Meet your coach

Max is an international coach with more than 2 decades of experience in Weightlifting and Powerlifting.
He has been mentored by and learned from some of the greatest minds in the game inlcluding Ivan Abadejev, Steve Goth, Glenn Pendlay and others.
He has coached dozens of World Class Athletes including the likes of Alyssa Ritchey, Alex Lachance, Meg Scanlon, Andy Riley and many more.
His coaching achievements include several World and Pan Am Champions and record holders both in Weightlifting and Powerlifting.
He has also coached several people to win prominent supertotal competitions like the 5 bar showdown and compete in both the Arnold weightlifting and USAPL powerlifting events back to back in the same weekend.

What made you want to become a coach?

I was alway fascinated with coaching even as an athlete.
I loved learning about how people train and the what and why of training programs and sport science.
I spent a lot of my freetime researching and learning.
When a major injury ended my athletic career as a weightlifter I quickly moved onto the other side of the platform and started to coach and work with athletes as a way to stay in the sport.
I was immediately hooked on it.
I loved to get to use my knowledge and expertise to help people get better and really to prevent them from making a lot of the same mistakes I made as an athlete.

What clients do you work best with?

My perfect client is someone who loves to learn.
They are driven to improve and put the process first.
I love working with anyone from a total beginner to an elite level competitor, as long as they are driven and self motivated to make progress.

What seperates your coaching from other coaching offers out there?

I believe that the foundation of good coaching comes from communication.
I coach by the motto “no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care
I try to create a great relationship and communication with my athletes and work to understand who they are and what makes them do what they do.
The programming and training is easy to build once we are on the same page and we have a shared vision.
That is what is most important.
Over the years we have developed a unique Team Aita Coaching Model that aims to fix the flaws of the systems that came before it.
Over decades of experience we have seen what works and what doesn't and we apply that with every new client we work with.

Does your coaching work only for high level athletes?

While I've worked with tons of really gifted athletes over the years, being elite is by no means a prerequisite.
I love to work with anyone who is eager to learn, progress and put in the work.
I meet people where they are at and help them create a plan to get to where they want to be.
I have been working with Max through one-on-one remote supertotal coaching for over five years
He has helped me drastically improve my technique and strength in all lifts. He has been incredibly supportive and flexible to adapt programming to help me through injuries and adjustments around my crazy schedule
I highly recommend working with Max or any coaches from Team Aita!
1:1 Remote Coachee
When I started receiving coaching from Max I was already a 15 year veteran weightlifter. He taught me things I hadn’t learned in all of my time in the sport up to that point. Much of how I approach weightlifting as an athlete and a coach now is directly influenced by Max’s teaching. He is a fantastic source of knowledge for weightlifters of any experience level.
Veteran Weightlifter
I know this will work for you. I've seen it transform hundreds of recreational and professional lifters.
That's why I'm backing it up with a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.
If you for whatever reason decide my 1-on-1 coaching is not a good fit for you I will happily give your your money back.

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