Meet your coach, Jo Ann Aita.

Armed with 17 years of competitive experience, Jo Ann discovered - and excelled at -  weightlifting, powerlifting, and supertotal starting in her mid 30’s. Her detailed approach to building a strong foundation with sound mechanics, and proper recovery helps everyone - no matter what their experience, age or strength level. You can count on Jo to provide evidence-based coaching for training, competition, and for life.

1:1 Personal Training

Jo Ann has deep experience helping individual athletes reach their goals. Her decades of experience shifting nutrition, competition, and recovery priorities for athletes of all backgrounds will advance your goals. Goals are as dynamic as life is, and Jo Ann can adjust each factor to success accordingly so you can optimize your training.

$195/session (75 mins)

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Online Consultation

Jo Ann can answer your questions regarding the competition, mental rehearsal and lifting technique, video review, programming, long-term planning, and more. One-on-one online meetups and live playback is guaranteed for individual success. Get your goals off the ground and schedule a session with Jo.

$195/session (75 mins)

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