Meet your coach, Max Aita.

1:1 Remote Coaching

All skill levels, from beginners to national champions and beyond in Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Supertotal.

- Individualized programming designed specifically for your strengths and weaknesses, continually updated and monitored weekly
- Regular video review with voiceover analysis and technical coaching
- Periodic video or phone check-ins as needed
*If you have questions about Max’s remote coaching you can set up a 10-min consult below


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1:1 Personal Training

Having trained under the world’s most elite strength coaches, Max Aita combines deep knowledge and practical experience to offer custom guidance - no matter what your goals are. His experience tweaking programs on an individual basis has helped world-class athletes and casual lifters alike. Drop by the gym or schedule an individual consultation to see for yourself.

$175/session (75 mins)

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Online Consultation

Doing an online consult with Max is like having a cheat code to understand all things weightlifting or powerlifting. Get as in-depth as you want with any topics such as programming, technique review, long-term planning etc. Get your training or coaching goals started off right with the knowledge you need. Schedule a session with Max today.


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